Tactical Design by Example - Using Kotlin and Spring Boot (Part 1)

I'm starting an experiment. Currently I'm taking part in a Working Out Loud circle at REWE digital. My objective is to better understand Domain Driven Design's tactical design by implementing its ideas in the real world. I've decided to share my learning goal and my humble progress here - I would love to find other developers who are interested in learning more about this, hopefully learning… [read more →]

Domain Modeling - Benefits for a Scrum Team


I want to stir more interest in DDD and modeling at REWE Digital, not only from developers. In preparation for an Open Space I'm writing a short memo about what Domain Modeling is and what people can get out of it. This is what I came up with...comments are welcome! In a nutshell, Domain Modeling is about finding a common language and contextual abstraction for a given business problem, before… [read more →]

Stop and remove all docker containers and images


Sometimes it's useful to start with a clean slate and remove all Docker containers and even images. Here are some handy shortcuts. List all containers (only IDs) docker ps -aq Stop all running containers docker stop $(docker ps -aq) Remove all containers docker rm $(docker ps -aq) Remove all images docker rmi $(docker images -q) [read more →]