Usages for the Linux "watch" command


Today I learned about the watch command in Linux. It's a brilliant tool for command line monitoring. Basically, it just executes a command repeatedly and displays its output in a readable format. Examples Watch your wi-fi network traffic watch ifconfig wlan0 Watch free memory watch free Watch a directory For example when downloading files watch ls -lt ~/Downloads Switches Set the interval with -n… [read more →]

The Three Amigos

During an Agile Testing workshop I learned about the Three Amigos concept and Example Mapping, two interesting ideas for creating better acceptance criteria for user stories. I'll talk about the Three Amigos now and about Example Mapping later on. Origin and definition Borrowing the title from the 1986 Steve Martin comedy, in the agile context Three Amigos means the continuous collaboration of … [read more →]

Test-Driven Development with Green Bar Patterns

Quite recently I attended a training for Agile Developer Skills. It was a great opportunity to revisit and update my understanding of Test-Driven Development (TDD). Why Test-Driven Development? The point of TDD is to write code that is modular and testable. Think of a test as the first user of your production code: If even you struggle to write tests for your code, how hard must it be for another… [read more →]