Transactions in distributed systems


There was some discussion at work about whether it is a good idea to implement a transaction-based workflow in a RESTful microservice environment. It didn't feel right, so I did some research to transform this hunch into reliable arguments. Transactions and microservices Martin Fowler argues that transactions would couple services, while the idea of a microservice architecture is a "shared… [read more →]

Do-It-Yourself Team Values Kit (german version)


You may be familiar with Jurgen Appelo's Do-It-Yourself Team Values Kit. A few years ago I tried that with my team, and made a german translation of the Big List of 50 Virtues. As the differences between the virtues are quite subtle, a translation helped my team make the most of it. Maybe you'll find it useful. [read more →]



There is something new to learn every day - and so much I don't know. The more I learn the less I know - when you learn, dozens of new paths open up. This is why this blog is called The humble developer. We can't know everything. We can't even know a lot. So I want to chronicle what I pick up along the way, because writing things down helps me focus and understand. we can connect and have a… [read more →]